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Starcraft 2. At last. May 19, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Gaming.

At last!!! The game I’ve been waiting for like nearly 9 years is going to be here in like maybe 2 years!

IGN (kudos to them) was the fastest to put up any information, with their writer posting up information in blog-like style while the video is playing, and the gameplay was being demoed. The Editor’s note:

I’m writing this from a wireless connection on Blizzard’ WWI show floor. Their opening ceremony is set to start any minute now. As the ceremony continues there’ll be fragmented updates below. Expect more details throughout the presentation unless this wireless connection screws up. Also, expect typos. All timestamps are local time in Seoul, South Korea.

The information is in bits and pieces describing the video and gameplay that is being shown live. He just added screenshots!

Gamespy has put up a short and Gamespot has come out with their article too, but the place with the most information appears to still be the IGN article. The video above came out on Youtube shortly after. The journalists are now attending a long session for more details. Blizzard’s own site sadly, remains silent on the matter. More will come out later, but I think I’m satisfied with the information I have. :) Now for the long wait!

And here’s a gameplay video :

Check out the charging zealots! I guess the carrier will be gone now – it was always a little graphics intensive. Instead, the Protoss seems to have this huge air unit that is firing multiple missile like thingies at the enemy.



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