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Transformers! May 19, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Entertainment.

I’ve seen three different trailers for Transformers so far, and this one provides the most satisfaction due to the number of bots it showed, and just that tiny bit more hints of what is to come in the plot.

This is THE movie I’ve been waiting for, for years. The only show which could probably come close was Lord of the Rings. Wait… my anticipation of this show pwns my anticipation for LotR any day! Bwahaha.  I know I’m probably setting myself up for a disappointment, being as excited as I am, but Steven Spielberg’s involved in this movie.

The atmosphere of the show as we can see from the trailers so far are quite completely removed from the cartoons. Of course, we cannot assume that the robots won’t be cracking nutty jokes in the actual movie itself, but I’m glad at least in the trailer they have not done so. It increases the sense of realism of the show, and would help rope in non-fans.

I also love the transformation sequences so far. The slow-motion ‘introductory’ transformations all look super cool. But the trailer cuts off in so many places! Argh! Must… see… full… show… I wonder how many robots there are!



1. zhiyuan - May 21, 2007

Optimus Prime is tatooed with purple girlish logo and his body is too feminine in my opinion. A preview says the story is gonna focus on “save the world” kind of storyline, where humans are heavily involved.

I’m eagerly anticipating, but not too much hope on it though…

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