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Gay Flamingos Pick Up Chick May 22, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Society.

This hilarious headline appeared on Yahoo! News today. Wake up oh dearest homophobic members of the human race. The flamingos are way ahead of us :


A pair of gay flamingos have adopted an abandoned chick, becoming parents after being together for six years, a British conservation organisation said Monday.

Carlos and Fernando had been desperate to start a family, even chasing other flamingos from their nests to take over their eggs at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) in Slimbridge near Bristol.

An article all about gay animals :


What a lead for an article :

From male killer whales that ride the dorsal fin of another male to female bonobos that rub their genitals together, the animal kingdom tolerates all kinds of lifestyles.

Homosexuality has been observed in more than 1,500 species, and the phenomenon has been well described for 500 of them,” said Petter Bockman, project coordinator of the exhibition.

Check out the links btw. Considering that the bonobos are the race of monkeys closest in genetic and social makeup to the human race, I’m sure we will soon either try to convert them, or condemn their sexual behavior as immoral. (They are the most sexual race of animals we know off – they’re kept away from zoos because they would happily ‘do it’ in public. Wouldn’t want our children to see such shameful acts as making love! War on television is so much more appropriate don’t cha think?) Considering that they can learn enough from humans just by observation to do things such as gather sticks to make a campfire, start fires with a lighter, play a harmonica, use scissors to trim their offspring’s hair without hurting them, draw symbols with chalk and to play musical instruments, our moral standards must apply to them too!

And another link.


The text was so inappropriate I had to reproduce some of it here :

Male big horn sheep live in what are often called “homosexual societies.” They bond through genital licking and anal intercourse, which often ends in ejaculation. If a male sheep chooses to not have gay sex, it becomes a social outcast. Ironically, scientists call such straight-laced males “effeminate.”

Giraffes have all-male orgies. So do bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, gray whales, and West Indian manatees. Japanese macaques, on the other hand, are ardent lesbians; the females enthusiastically mount each other. Bonobos, one of our closest primate relatives, are similar, except that their lesbian sexual encounters occur every two hours. Male bonobos engage in “penis fencing,” which leads, surprisingly enough, to ejaculation. They also give each other genital massages.

This last article is an in depth one, and deals Darwin’s sexual selection theory. There is disagreement in the scientific community towards what conclusion can be drawn from all this information, although the facts remain that facts. These things happen. What’s nice though is how the scientific community argues about the same facts, and how the conclusions should be drawn, rather than pulling assumptions out of their…

They were all enlightening and amusing reads. Of course I know this proves nothing. Conservatives who just as frequently use the argument that homosexuality is against nature will just as quickly turn around and say that human beings are above animal-like behavior thanks to our higher, God-given standards of morals and etc. The same way they’d quote Darwin on the fact that sexual selection goes against the idea of homosexuality in nature, while still being creationists. They can’t seem to decide on which facts to use, although their opinions never really change. Funny, aren’t observed facts supposed to be the ones that don’t change, and opinions the ones which are supposed to be decided upon?

So, by posting this article, how many closed-minded ex-readers have I just chased away from my blog? Tough crowd.



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