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Vista… is… beckoning… June 13, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Personal, Technology.

logo_vista.jpgI was superbly exited about Longhorn and Blackcomb. I lost that excitement somewhere between a bunch of years ago and now. When I was given a Beta version of Vista to try out (I was an intern at a tech magazine for four months), I didn’t even install it. I’m not exactly sure why. When Vista came out, I didn’t really bother. When they started giving out Vista for free/cheap in the university campuses, I stayed in bed despite the strings I could’ve pulled to get myself a copy.

I think I have been :

  1. purposely ignoring Vista’s features
  2. purposely ignoring Vista reviews
  3. telling myself that it’s not worth it upgrading now (better to wait for the bugs to be ironed out)
  4. telling myself that I don’t really need to change right now, being happy with my box atm
  5. telling myself that I can wait for my next hardware upgrade
  6. worrying about backward compatibility problems despite the fact that I know there will be very few of them

Today, I read these two articles.

Windows Vista: More than just a pretty face

Windows Vista: Under the Hood

All I gotta say is – damnit.

Those reviews detailed some stuff which I remembered from my Longhorn and Blackcomb craze days. They also reminded me to a fact which I already know – Vista isn’t just a cosmetic change, but actually have some real improvements as an OS. Not to mention that the articles patiently and successfully describes why Vista is a big stop forward for Microsoft. There’s a third part to those reviews coming too.

I still haven’t installed Vista yet though, and I’m not likely going to anytime soon. Reason? It costs a bomb. Strange huh. I really, REALLY don’t feel like installing a pirated version of Vista even though they’re floating around all over the place over here. I’m working now. I think it’s about time. But buying Vista here is like paying half the down payment for a second-hand, five-year-old car damnit. (Home/Basic Edition? No thanks.) And I think owning a car is a higher priority.

But hey – you never know.



1. Fird - June 15, 2007

Don’t underestimate the “Home Premium” edition. They don’t do that lame “Home Edition” crap that they did with Windows XP anymore :)

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