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A Green Ranking for Corporations June 22, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Environment.

Although Malaysians won’t see too many local names in this new ranking system for huge corporations, we will still recognize a lot of the multinational companies that sell their products here. This is a good chance to spend our money in support of companies with a green conscience.

Check it out by clicking the image (the actual rankings are sorted by sector at the bottom of the page linked):


You can read an article about the ranking here, here and here. I am personally always a bit skeptical about any kind of rankings, but this should serve as an interesting general guide. Their criteria seems to be quite detailed.

Apple and Google have both protested their low scores on the ranking system. Steve Job’s open letter about his company’s environmental policies can be found here, and Google have since announced plans for going carbon neutral.

Other interesting links: Greenpeace’s parody of the Apple website demanding a greener apple.



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