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LOLCATS June 25, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Entertainment.


Imagine programming like that. They call it LOLCODE. (Thanks to William for the link.)

For the longest time, I thought that all the cute cat-graphics with geek talk and atrocious (but strangely appealing) cat-English plastered on them was a phenomenon resulting mainly from computer games. However when I started finding sites like I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? and the LolCat Builder, I began to realize that it was part of something bigger. Example images below (taken from the I can has cheezburger site above) :






There are also a good number which aren’t based on cats.


This article from the Houston Chronicle covers the phenomenon quite well, and below is an image of the original article in the actual print.


Personally, my original experience with animal images with atrocious English was furnished by one Alamo from World of Warcraft. “Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID!” is an infamous guide to playing a druid in World of Warcraft, mainly due to the language, and the accompanying images.


I wonder how annoying it is when such language is actually used in conversations. Being a rather cutesy person at times, I find it quite charming when used correctly. In World of Warcraft’s guild chat, I routinely use extremely geeky terms, and I am especially fond of ‘kthxbai’, a word or phrase which I find William equally loves. However I still get ‘huh?’ reactions from people when using things like ‘lol’ in everyday conversations.

The evolution of language is quite the interesting thing no? Too bad such materials aren’t used in English classes though. Imagine the delight students would have if ‘correct the English’ exercises had images of cute cats. :)



1. Fird - June 25, 2007

Haha.. I often use ‘kthxbai’ for sarcastically dismissing someone that is annoying me though.

2. Yuhi - June 25, 2007

Im in ur blog, commentin’ on ur post

3. lolwut - February 6, 2008

What font is used to write the texts?

4. Matt - February 7, 2008

“What font is used to write the texts?”

Usually Impact or Arial Black

5. Raika - February 20, 2008

Lols FTW! ;) I’m a HUGE fan of lolcats (and other lol-animals), and it’s good to see how many people love them too! ..I have a problem with the language sometimes, though.. the whole 7331 talk thing was bad, but this is like how I used to type on msn for funk reasons (like “I haz” instead of “I has” or the correct “I have” and such..) and at first I felt like they took the style and nicked it, but they just made the next stage of it =)

go go go lolcats!

6. larka - March 18, 2008

my whole family LUVS lolcats and we always find someone new to show them to and to laugh w/. its fun.

7. JANET - April 5, 2008


8. mastercheif - May 22, 2008


9. Liberty - July 18, 2008

these kittens r soooo cutiepiezzz!!!!! i love the humor BUT! take pic #2 for example … if u fink bout it the cats hate this i mean those people in pic #2 is foprcin kitty 2 pose he doesn’t like it. They can make him pose but they can’t make him sad. He does that on his own.If we love cats…y do we do we make them do things they hate???

10. kyle - November 8, 2008

omg they are sick

11. soi - January 9, 2009

Hello i am mastar chief two. ROFL CHOPTER soi soi soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi! I am loving dem digitalpheers

12. Bob - August 15, 2009

mmmmmmm not very amusing

13. metallicaholic - January 24, 2010

lolcatz kick ass, and yes, hai worldz im in ur blogz commentin’ on urz postz.

14. mads - April 1, 2010

the bunny one is cute my ginepig does thatLOL

15. mss. anna banana - June 19, 2010

yah i used to hvae the bunny one as my screen saver but i like the one where the bear told that kitty he was FAT! and when the kitty farted

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