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GTalk, orkut mode August 15, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Technology.

gtalkorkut.jpgI looked at the settings in GTalk yesterday, and to my delight, there are two new settings for appearance, orkut and orkut Picture. The good thing about GTalk is that it updates by itself without any annoying requests to make huge downloads. The bad thing about it of course, is that it does this so quietly that you don’t realize your client has been updated.

I’ve always been dissatisfied with the old appearance layouts for GTalk – most of them look fine if you don’t choose the picture option, but once you put up the picture, the lines wrap weirdly all over the place. Either that, or the layout itself takes out too much space, and doesn’t look that great.

Turns out, most of my friends who’s been using GTalk for a while didn’t realize that there was this new orkut option either, and were all quite pleasantly surprised. I wonder how long ago a silent patch sneaked this little treasure into my client.



1. Volvoxx - August 16, 2007

lol! I’ve been using this layout for…so many months already..prolly more than half a year ade…(cant remem.. )

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