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Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia September 3, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Society.

I was thinking of writing down some opinions about the independence day today (after enjoying my bit of long holiday). Then, a post on theCicak led me to this video:

The title of this video on Youtube as placed by the uploader says, “Merdeka 2007 – Ad from Petronas – What a daring one!” Indeed – what a daring ad, for a corporation so closely linked with the government in this country. Perhaps the ad, at first view, was simply asking questions about honesty and integrity. Whether intentionally or unintentionally however, it has evoked a bunch of different opinions. The bunch of somewhat difficult to read comments on Youtube and the easier ones on theCicak indicate as much. However, the timely question from the ad itself speaks best:

Mampukah apa yang kita bina hari ini membawa kita ke hadapan?

“Can what we build today, carry us into tomorrow?”

Indeed, Malaysia has come a long way. But how far?

This year, I stuck a flag on my car. I’m not sure exactly sure why. Perhaps it is me, telling myself that on its 50th birthday I should just hold out hope for this nation, one more time.



1. Aput - September 3, 2007

Petronas is simply sending a message to everyone. If fuel prices go higher, do you all think you can cope?

They’re sending this message both to the people and to the government. A subsidy can only get you so far….

2. iCow and Friends » Blog Archive » Hope - September 4, 2007

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