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These kind of people still exist!?!? September 4, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Society.

By the teapot… these kind of people still exist!?!? How how how!?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The man, shocking, but fine. But the audience…


1. Nirah - September 4, 2007

Good Lord
Ross and I had a good laugh when we arrived home.

Okey.. now, for the most natural reaction:
Hahahahaahahahahah omigoooddddddd!!!

2. Edo - September 4, 2007

No. Actually I’m not shocked with the audience, I’m just shocked with the guy.

Pretty sure the audience is fucking around with him. I would. I dun wanna let idiot go home rich, lol.

3. Wilz - September 5, 2007

1. Do audiences in this game typically ‘mess around’ with the player?

2. Would over 50% of them choose to mess with him?

3. If they’re messing with him, why would they ALL mess with him by stating the sun, and not anything else.

I seriously doubt it’s messing so much as being fellow dumb asses.

4. banu - September 5, 2007

Yeah, at first I thought that audience is definitely messing with him. Then again, can audience do that? But if I was one of them I would have chosen the Sun. Rising from east and setting in the west. Yup, definitely circling the globe alright. I think it’s the producers that are messing with him. They don’t want him winning 1 million.

5. Volvoxx - September 5, 2007

Totally redefines “katak bawah tempurung”

6. Siew - September 5, 2007

Ahaha.. Coppernicus must be rolling in his grave.

7. Kakashin - September 7, 2007

… The guy’s beyond help.

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