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Dude You Were Supposed to Write Here, or Living Proof of Late English Mastery September 5, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Personal, Society.

My friend ZY over at his blog opened his wordpress account a while ago coz I was trying to drag him to write some thoughtful posts on Earthwatcher – sorta like the blog sharing arrangement we had once in the past with another friend of ours (mentioned in the About page). The bastard then went on to keep posting on his own blog. :P


I am so tempted to post a photo of him eating chicken here.

Not too many posts there yet, but hope he keeps it up. :)

Another interesting thing to note is that this guy used to be self-confessedly poor in English. Can you tell from the writing on his blog now that he was Chinese educated through and through? Reading his blog bring (virtual) tears to my eyes – this from a guy who used to refuse to write because “everything I write will sound like rubbish coz I dunno how to say it man.” Well, kudos dude. May your self-taught English mastery be an example and shining beacon to those who shy away from the most liberating human language there is.

I think ZY set a good point on the mantra of language learning, which is really quite simple:

  1. To learn comprehension, read.
  2. To learn speaking, speak.
  3. To learn writing, write.

Did I miss anything ZY? Maybe you should post something about that. I’m still emo you’re not posting here though:




1. zhiyuan - September 5, 2007

All these while you rated my English too poorly dude, I don’t think I was as bad as you think last time. It’s just that there was a sense of relativism when I judged my English where I set the benchmark against the likes of yourself and William (I was tempted to say Tim T, but sorry I rate him on a higher level than you two :P).

Well, you did say you are expecting some “thoughtful” posts on your blog and not some random mumble, so they won’t come easy. :)

2. Wilz - September 5, 2007

Dude. I used to edit your work. Kthxbai.

I think it’s more a case of you not realizing how much you have improved.

William’s English is probably better than mine, but Tim T is a different story. He’s on a different plane of English…

3. banu - September 5, 2007

wow, since when did Chai get a cool “ZY” name?

as for you Chai, *bitch slap*, stop pretending to be Chinese ed..

4. William - September 6, 2007

This post makes me wanna create a separate blog just to drown that cat in tears.

And way to go ZY- proud of ya. Kudos.

5. Wilz - September 6, 2007

And also ZY – lies lies!!! Are you saying the posts on your own blog aren’t ‘thoughful’ enough?

6. zhiyuan - September 6, 2007

William, here’s your pail of water – you do the dirty job.

Wilz – I prefered to leave posts that had a personal link to my own blog. I will reserve those neutral, a few thousands words long essays to you (if ever I write one), don’t worry! :P

And now let see if Tim T has the same opinions, then I would be really flattered. (Obviously no slight disrespect to you two! Nyahahah!)

7. Wilz - September 6, 2007

Pail of water won’t work. Must be a pail of tears.

8. emo girl - January 24, 2009

this kat is cute and i luv it!
luv dark princess of emos

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