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Simplest game ever… September 20, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Gaming.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Imagine these features in an RPG game (RPG loosely defined as you have a character, which can level up, use equipment, kill stuff and do quests.)

  • The only button you ever need to press once you’re in the game is nothing.
  • The shortcut key guide list includes only Alt-F4.

In other words, all you do is open a window.

And yes, I’m ‘playing’ it – at the office too. This is the only game that can possibly claim to not reduce productivity I think. Unless you like to stare at progress bars.

My character have so far solved 6 quests in ‘Act 1’ :

  • Placate the Wolves
  • Exterminate the Swamp Elves
  • Deliver this inkwell
  • Deliver this letter
  • Placate the Goblins
  • Placate the Monoclonii
  • Fetch me a canoe
  • Placate the Cockatrices

He’s currently working on “Deliver this dirtclod” atm.

Play Progress Quest today!

Friend ‘E’ asked if it uses processing cycles for a distributed project (like SETI@Home for example). Unfortunately it doesn’t. Someone should pass this idea along to Progress Quest makers – they’d be able to serve humanity better just using that game interface for one of these projects lol.

EDIT: Progress Questers, play the multiplayer game on Pemptus, and press Ctrl-G in game window to join the guild “T B T” or “The Bronze Talon“. 15 members and counting!!!



1. Edo - September 20, 2007

Argh! This is madness! I’m staring at progress bars! Argh!

2. alex - September 21, 2007

me too… no!!! I told you I should not be playing RPG!! ANY RPG!!!

3. Calvin - September 23, 2007

lol this is some seriously weird shit!

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