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My loony bun is fine… indeed. October 31, 2007

Posted by Wilz in Entertainment, Society.

Lawrence sent me this video today. Best Youtube video ever. I never laughed so hard at a clip in my life. Both these statements, I mean it from the bottom of my laugh-induced aching stomach.

EDIT: I just realized the video can be perceived as a little racist, and although not directly insulting, some words inside can be taken the wrong way. If you’re sensitive don’t watch this. It’s all in good fun.

This reminded me of a TED video where Michael Shermer gave a talk about skepticism. He gave an example based on backmasked (reverse playback) rock songs that people claimed spoke of devil worship. Listening to the backmasked song itself yields nothing for most people, but once the ‘lyrics’ were provided, you can hear almost clearly, every word the lyrics put into your mind.

It is amazing how much of our brain works through association. Enjoy the video above, and find out why it happens, and how not to be a loony bun, in the video below.



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