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Indecent Ruminations February 16, 2008

Posted by Will in Personal.

That’s the name of my stillborn blog before I decided to splash my intellectual graffiti, weird jabbers and silly puns in what was Wilz’s equivalent of an e-lawn. I’ve pitched a solid tent and you can expect various posts on a myriad of subjects, most of which should be written with a certain legal amount of candor and the rest peppered luxuriously with either stolid observations about the world we live(d) in or casually impregnated with what you would call swear words but what I would assume to be a perfectly fucking normal way of communicating shite. Sometimes I go on a rampage and make an offensive cocktail out of them as thus:

Religion is an invasive but necessary form of informational virus which helps shapes our journey on this planet. This virus alters our initial form of “software” DNA and is primarily the reason why we are able to spread our civilizations across the globe so effectively, with legends and myths first providing an ability to store information that both guides us and reflects our state of being and then reprogramming our state of mind from the moment of birth. The question is not whether we should do away with this virus but what could do a better job.

Also, triple fuck that bitch who was texting and swerved into my lane this morning, nearly sideswiping me into the railing.

And similar rubbish jottings. I shall certainly have fun hammering the keyboard, and might even post some of the fiction material I have been working on should I suddenly decide that the public could use a few jolts of literature agony.


Postscript: Due to the fact that I inexplicably lost a long post about the origin of surnames (which creatively contains hamsters, lego blocks and my personal flaws) to my blaise ineptitude with the wordpress interface and the ball-stabbing connection I proudly surf in, I have decided to cop out and write my first post about my first post. So there.



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