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The Blue Light February 29, 2008

Posted by Wilz in Entertainment, Personal.

I sat down to watch the first bits of this movie to find out what it’s about. I did not intend to finish watching it. I did.

The only other movie that I felt as powerfully described the cornered human person was The Hours. And that one had multiple Oscar winners as actresses and a convoluted story that very few of my friends ever truly understood.

The Blue Light or Ao no hono-o (2003) is simple, to the point, and yet contains enough small cues that you would miss if you weren’t paying attention. And the acting was shocking superb considering the experience of the actors. I have a feeling I’m going to be watching this one for a long time. Now if only I could find a good copy…



1. hericyl - February 29, 2008

oh… Blue Light… i remember… that porno film… ;D
nice meh? so so only… positions all standard ones only…

** sorry… joke only… ter-pollute ur bloo world..

2. Wilz - February 29, 2008

Alert! Dynamo needed for dirty brain! Rub some into eyes, and pour the rest through ears with water. Shake well and rinse.

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