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We’re That Country December 11, 2008

Posted by Wilz in Society.

Oh… my… teapot… we’re that country! We’re that country that puts “God” into the SCIENCE textbook.



It’s SCIENCE you dumb fucks SCIENCE. I promised myself to try not to swear on this blog not knowing who else might be reading this. But you DUMB FUCKS it’s called SCIENCE for a reason!

Seeing that little ancronym “KBSR” on the top right of that textbook, my hope for an intelligent next generation just faded by a factor of several hundred. Only the internet and its free inquiry can save them now…

P/S “can be seen with naked eyes.” Looks like the idiot (ok he was likely pressured by politicians) who wrote this textbook needs to learn some English too. “can be seen with the naked eye.” Fixed kthx.

Images/info originally appeared and obtained with permission from my good friend “Lich King“. Even the undead gets pissed at shit like this.



1. Lich King - December 11, 2008


2. Wilz - December 11, 2008

Before you post “Oh you didn’t know?” or “Cheh since last time already like that” here… hold out your hand in front of you with all fingers outstretched, curl in your thumb and pointy, and also your ring finger and little finger. Now swing it around at the education system.

I honestly don’t remember seeing this in my science/biology textbook, but I guess I was a raging, “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan” supporter at that time as well.

REGARDLESS of personal beliefs, this SHOULD NOT be mixed in ANYWHERE close to Science in education. Separation of Church/Mosque and Education please. Thx.

3. Ugendran - December 11, 2008


4. Dominic - December 12, 2008

as i recall, there was an uproar a few years back because they printed [created by atoms] instead of [created by god]. i guess eventually they had to change it to god.

but still, coming from a country that couldn’t accept yoga without complaining about it having “religious” meanings, it seems more like the whole system can be flushed down a toilet.

5. zhiyuan - December 16, 2008

I guess the editor of the book forgot to add a “damn it!” at the end of the first line.

Anyway, not all scientists (and more so educators/publishers) are atheist, so…

6. Wilz - December 16, 2008

Yeah. Damn assholes. They can be as religious as they like, but as a scientist/science textbook writer they should uphold and respect the scientific method. A very religious scientist should still be able to separate the two.

It’s like writing “The people have the freedom to vote for their President, and they should usually vote for Republican Presidents because they are generally better.”

7. zhiyuan - December 16, 2008

No – the context of the content seems more like “United States of America is led by a president voted by its people. The president IS a Republican and usually likes to start a war on some randomly picked country every 10 years.”

Note that “Everything is created by God” in this context is a fact much like “The president IS a Republican” while the context of “usually” is reserved for something might or might not happen like the decade-ly aherm… war.

8. thecanceriandog - December 26, 2008

What is a god anyway? Sub-atomic particles that vibrate on it’s own?

9. LOLsim - January 7, 2009

All things are created by God. What other explanation could there be?

Science is created by God.

God created the world in 7 days. There can be no dinosaur before that even though dinosaur bones has been unearthed. Everything in the Bible and Koran is true.

In fact, they should quote from the Koran and Bible when writing the Science textbook.

10. zordicks - January 18, 2009

come on they didnt highlight the God word … and if u go thru some books, the science are really dumb .” Atom adalah benda paling ringkas dalam dunia ” – I felt like a loser trying to argue the book is wrong !!

The canceriandog : They had an interfaith talk with Mr shahkirit – The topic was god is proven by science. He attempted to prove the existence of god by relating the existence of positron if not mistaken.
and he was saying positron exhibit god’s characteristic .

11. Ashlynne - January 22, 2009

This post should be reddited for the lulz of the world.

12. Yeow - February 14, 2009


Who’s up to bring this matter to the press? If it’s “National” concern the people would know what to do.

13. Sing - April 24, 2009

Actually, there wasn’t much uproar on this matter from Malaysian parents. We are a largely religious community who is just starting to embrace Science as an acceptable belief system. So don’t expect much retaliation from parents. By the way, you should see the syllabus for PMR Science Form 3. Here is the link:

Click to access hsp_sn_f3b.pdf

Refer page 54 for one of the subtopics: 1.3 Thankful for the existence of of the Universe as a gift from God.

We’re teaching 15 year olds this.

14. Wilz - April 24, 2009

Yeah I’m afraid Sing is probably right sigh. Time to migrate.

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