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Earth Hour March 28, 2009

Posted by Will in Environment.

It is currently a little less than three hours till Melbourne embraces Earth Hour, a global effort to switch of non essential lights and appliances for one hour starting at 830PM local time. There has been a bit of drama behind the idea for the past few months. To be succint:

Why is it important: To raise awareness regarding our impact on the environment and as a vehicle for global citizens to vote for the intention to improve the ecosystems and reduce stress on the planet.

Why it is awesome: It is an opportunity for us to unite as a species and vote for a common direction, something we are  somehow genetically predisposed not to do.

Who should really be excited about it: Everyone above the poverty line.

Who in reality are the most excited about it: Criminals, according to certain people(New Scientist). I’ll admit that is the first thing that popped into my mind when i first read about Earth Hour – it is a fanstastic opportunity for thieves to plan elaborate heists around the world. Heck they could even have a forum of their own and plan this months in advance and celebrate an early Christmas. I’m also certain its a fantastic window for a bit of snoosnoo in unorthodox locations.

That is, if we’re all idiots. The project did not call for us to plunge ourselves into pitch darkness, but to switch off non essential lights and equipment.  In the article linked above, business owners calculated the cost of participating and some comments were suggesting that it is more cost effective  if we spend the time on other green projects like changing lightbulbs etc. I do not think they get the spirit nor the scale of this excercise. This is about awareness and forging global unity, and there is no reason why we can’t both change lightbulbs and switch it off – they are not mutually exclusive. 

If your business can not afford the risk, just decline politely and perhaps support it on the personal level and do it at home. With doors fully locked.

Personally my uni will be honoring the cause and hopefully here’s hoping we’ll have satellite images of the planetary mexican wave popping up on the net soon.



1. Wilz - March 28, 2009

Oh so RMIT’s ‘my uni’ now eh? MMU’s doing this as well, and I hope to have some nice images to show for it soon.

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