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Guaranteed Method of Stopping Stupid-But-Well-Meaning-Friend/Family-Forwarded Spam January 22, 2010

Posted by Wilz in Technology.

I just picked up an idea to stop forwarded spam… from a piece of spam my aunt just forwarded to me…

Subject: Inti College Xxxxx Needs Help

Hi, my name is Xxxxx. I am 19 years old, and I have testicle cancer. I also have a large penile fracture, from repeated beatings. Doctors say I will die soon if this isn’t fixed, and my family can’t pay the bills.

The Make A Wish Foundation, has agreed to donate 50 cents for every time this message is sent on.

For those of you who send this along, I thank you so much, but for those who don’t send it, what goes around comes around. Have a Heart, please send this.

Please, if you are a kind person, send this on. PLEASE HIT FORWARD BUTTON NOT REPLY BUTTON.


He is a real person. Both Facebook and Friendster confirms he’s an Inti College student, and he has many animated ‘GONG XI FA CAI’ testimonials from friends up until recently – you know, the usual Friendster spam.

I was composing an email to him to let him know that whatever prank that was played on him is still being forwarded when it occurred to me that maybe someone did this to him for a reason. And I realized… that… the next time someone forwards some rubbish like this to me… I could… <evil glimmer> just change the names/email address in this email… <stares at shoulder devil> <thinks about registering anonymous email address> <feels a tap on other shoulder, turns head and looks at shoulder angel> Sigh.

ARGH. Not heartless enough.

P/S Yes, my aunt can’t tell that an email from someone needing help who at the same time admits to getting a penile fracture from jacking off too much is probably fake.

PP/S I tried to “anonymize” this to protect poor Mr. Xxxxx but any Googler worth his salt will find the full contents of this email on two idiots’ blogs who posted the full email AND picture while claiming they don’t want to make it worse for the guy. ROFLMAO.



1. Thye Shin - January 22, 2010

Crude, but very likely to be effective.

Too bad I can’t convince myself to be crude to people.

2. Justin - January 22, 2010

By the teapot! Angel? Devil? May the tea of the teapot melts you!!!

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