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Law above love February 7, 2010

Posted by zhiyuan in Politics, Society.

He was nervous. He had met him for the first time few months earlier in person, and until today, he still got nervous at the very thought of seeing him again. He thought he was early, but he was already there, looking as charismatic as ever, finishing the food on his plate.

“My idol,” he mumbled in his heart, trying to control his heartbeat so that he would not look nervous as he approached the dining table. “Not in front of him, of all people…” he thought. He gave him a charming smile, the very smile that had captured so many ladies’ hearts in the past, “would it work on him too?” he thought.

“Ahh… you are early, come, have a sit,” his voice is as inspiring as he first heard him on TV, making a speech on the need of a open market in the country.

“Can I f*ck you?”

He was stunned. He would not forget what happened next for the rest of his life. The bed, the sweat, the passion – he is in love, or is he?

For the next two days, however, he struggled. “No, this is not right!” he could not sleep. “It’s against the law!” he yelled. “I have to abide to the law,” he decided. He did not bath, he did not go to the toilet. “I need to keep the evidence,” he thought. He did not go to the police first, “I have wasted two days, I need to extract the evidence as soon as possible!” so he went to the hospital. He was so determined, as shown by his never-give-up attitude in finding the right hospital (on his third try) which would extract his “evidence”.

He is the perfect citizen, one who put law above love.

If everyone is behaving like him, there would be no love-related crime in our world. He is unreal.



1. desmond - February 8, 2010

why is the comma after the quote? shouldn’t it be before?

2. zhiyuan - February 8, 2010

Updated. Thanks desmond. Me old and rusty. Meh…

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