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If Bill Gates could have just ONE wish… February 20, 2010

Posted by Wilz in Environment, Society, Technology.

… it would be for zero emissions energy.

Nicholas and Calvin and I were just chatting on Thursday about how the world may be doomed and shit (for a Chinese New Year meet up lol). I mentioned that the one thing that can probably put a lot of problems in the world to rest is finding a solution to the energy problem, with a focus on replacing current fossil fuel based energy with cleaner energy. Added that fusion is still a far away dream, and massive optimizations on nuclear fission is probably the most immediate way to go.

This video came out on TED the very next day, and it’s great to know that Bill Gates agrees. :)



1. Tim - February 20, 2010

Is there anywhere to DL the TED 2010 talks in a torrent?

2. Wilz - February 20, 2010

Not that I’m aware. I’ve been collecting them one by one over the years lol. The easy way is to just bring a hdd, and come over to my place, or bring your laptop and ask me to bring a hdd, and we meet up.

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