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TMPoint – Enforce Your Own Queue System Please March 5, 2010

Posted by Wilz in Personal.

I just sat for 1 1/2 hours in TMPoint Cyberjaya waiting for my turn ticket number “4056” to be called out on the automatic turn ticket announcer. Two counters were open for services other than payment of bills. As I waited, I watched as three different people cut the queue at both counters.

As is common with turn ticketing systems, people will press the buttons, take a ticket and then leave without waiting for their turn. So sometimes the system calls out numbers for whom the person is no longer present. A couple of opportunistic bastards happily took their place without showing their ticket number.

The staff at the counter didn’t ask for it.

A group of foreigners next to me were bewildered – trying to figure out why their turn haven’t arrived when people who very obviously arrived after they did (as much as an hour later) had their turn before theirs. They were nice enough not to make a fuss when I explained to them that people were cheating and the staff wasn’t even aware of it.

And no, this isn’t the case of someone leaving and coming back later. I SAW these three people press the button for their tickets. And all three waited for a while to make sure that no one was going to respond to that turn number before happily walking up to the counter (one even pretended to only notice her ticket after the second time the number was called).

To add salt to injury, all three of the bastards were applying for Streamyx, which is like a half-hour long process. I only wanted to change my address – which took like 5 minutes. The foreigners whose turn was just before mine also only took about 10 minutes.

If you’re going to have a turn ticketing system USE IT. It’s both idiotic and naive to assume that no one would attempt to cut the queue.



1. alfonso - March 5, 2010

ahah! and you ramble HERE.
I figure why not at the TMPoint counter.

2. Wilz - March 5, 2010

When my turn came I asked the lady politely if they were interested in enforcing the turn ticket system, because people seemed to be skipping queue since they didn’t check the numbers. She said “Oh is it?” She looked uncomfortable and just continued processing my form. I didn’t press the matter.

She didn’t even offer an apology, or an assurance that they will try to enforce it.

3. Steve - March 5, 2010

This is what they called ‘flexibility'(other examples:double park, duit kopi, smoking in public etc. etc.) which Malaysians proud to brag about it especially when they compare themselves to developed countries like Singapore.

4. Avijit Paul - March 6, 2010

I wish to say, Get P1 :p and Potong StreamyX
Unfortunately I got p1, but the story is same and in some case worse.
I guess it is the workstyle of people who just dont care

5. afdzal - March 6, 2010

What do you think would actually happen if the staff ask for the number ? I bet those three people would just say they lost their ticket … Pity the foreigners though, maybe TM Point should have a counter for application that only takes a minute or two – like an express lane on the supermarket.

6. Wilz - March 6, 2010

Well, if you lose your ticket, then go get another one. The simple thing is, you must have a ticket with the current number to be served. There isn’t anything complicated about it.

No reason why the foreigners should be pitied above anyone else. Even local people should not get this kind of treatment. The reason I mentioned the foreigners is because it explains why they would be more confused than locals about the queuing system. The are two queues – the one in the 1000+ range and the other in the 4000+ range. The 1000+ is for payment, the 4000+ is for applications/other services. After they got repeated cut in the queue, they got confused about which counter they were supposed to go.

What I didn’t mention (which I didn’t think was important), was among the three who cut queue was one group of African girls, one Middle Eastern girl, and two local Chinese guys. It’s all the same anyhow – opportunists come in every shape and form.

7. Hutan Desa - March 8, 2010

Probably it would be hard to approach these opportunists and tell them it’s unfair to the others waiting… but if after the 3rd queue cut and the incident still happens I would be rather ticked off and might just do that! Even though I would risk getting bullied upon…

These things sort of happen in some changing rooms as well… all queueing up… eheh.

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