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Hello and welcome to Earthwatcher. There are currently four contributors to this blog:-


Ello! This is Wilz from Sarawak, who works and lives in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

I’ve been trying to work against ignorance and apathy for some time, an effort that drags anyone down considerably. The biggest, most unanswerable questions for me are :

How do you have an intellectual discussion with someone for whom logic and correctness does not matter?

How do you even begin to approach the most basic (and often important) of issues with people whose answer to the most difficult questions are, “Don’t care” and “Whatever-lah”.

If you know the answers to these questions, please do let me know at my gmail (althras).


Hiya, this is Will, some dude pretty concerned with making sure we get off this rock, or at least try to get ourselves worked up about it since we as a species could really use a uniting factor. Unfortunately we are hardly matured to handle space travel, so that is where Wilz comes in.

The most exciting (perfectly sane, though!) thing I’ve done is to quit a cushy job at Exxonmobil, squander an opportunity to become an SAP professional, all to enter the world of academia . At the moment I am working on a postgraduate research degree in the field of mobile tech and design, specifically using technology to help understand ourselves. I also love to write, study history and the rise and fall of civilizations.

I can be reached at quantamtoe courtesy of gmail if you surf along similar wavelengths.



Hey, this is Siew. I suppose at this point, you could call me a reformed cynic. Spent most of my life predicting the end of the world and making snide remarks whenever some idiot somewhere proves me right. Hasn’t quite found the levels of self-righteous fury at human destructiveness to decide that I want to try and save the world. Would rather first save the people I care about.

I can be reached at blad3wing@gmail.com.

Why earthwatcher?

The name came from Earthwatcher.org, a blog we were writing jointly. We came up with the name to describe ourselves – watchers of the going ons of the earth. :)

Earth felt more appropriate than world, since that world usually refers to a human centric view (my world, your world), whereas earth immediately gives you a picture of a blue globe – a much bigger and humbling image. As for the other word, watch felt appropriate since that watchmen look out for problems and (usually) respond to them.

Combining the words together was a funny story. There was this character in a MUD Wilz was playing who was named “Earthroamer” as opposed to “Skywalker”. Rest’s history.

Other Stuff:

We all:



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2. Wilz - February 15, 2008

Woot. Welcome William.

3. Kangkong - March 16, 2008


Nice writings, which brings me to my next point…

Where did my brains go?

4. peterd102 - September 5, 2008

Lol Warcraft player too. Nice blog btw. Good luck with it. (the internet is so great!)

5. ray - December 15, 2008

its called earth watcher… but the blog doesnt seem too earthly to me @@”””

6. DarkCrosS @ka Daniel - March 18, 2010

Mr. Willie…you’re rock..LOL

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