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Virgin Images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory April 22, 2010

Posted by Will in Astronomy, Science.
New solar images

A full on picture of our Sun, taken by the new SDO. Credit: Nasa/SDO

New images and video clips of our dear old Sun were obtained recently by NASA via the brand spanking new Solar Dynamics Observatory(SDO). SDO is a space telescope in geosynchronous orbit designed to capture massive amounts of data of the Sun and display them in enrapturing coloured videos.

Click on this link to view the breathtaking videos of solar flares, prominences and even magnetic fields of our very own ultimate ball of fire. Apologies in advance if you are here to see pictures of virgins but if you concentrate hard enough you might even see one or two on the surface of the glorious Sun.



1. Wilz - May 9, 2010

Nice subject naming though. So will this thing help predict electronic doomsday, i.e. super-solar-flare-that-will-kill-my-laptop?

Will - May 10, 2010

Well it’ll help us understand the infernal workings of the Sun better, so in a way yes! Nobody’s hogging tin foils just yet.

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